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Seasonal(Summer and Winter) Session

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1. Purpose

The purpose of summer and winter sessions is to give opportunities to earn credits during summer and winter vacation to the students who want to graduate early or who failed to earn enough credits to graduate.

2. Duration of study

4 weeks during summer and winter vacation

3. Who can register?

The following undergraduates (including those students who are in graduate school of Education and who want to take undergraduate courses.)

  • Those students whose grades are excellent and who want to graduate early.
  • Those students who want to re-take the courses which they failed.
  • Those students who want to take the courses again because their original grades were poor.
  • Those students who just want to earn more credits.
4. Survey of courses that students want to take, and offering of courses
  • Courses that can be offered are general courses and major courses. Intensive courses are excluded.
  • Students who want to take courses need to click in this order, School Website Comprehensive information system ID, PASSWORD "Survey of Courses That Students Want to Take", and then request the courses you want to take. Students in the Graduate School of Education have to make a request at the office of the Graduate School of Education.
  • The President through the Division of Educational Affairs Management schedules the classes for those courses that more than 10 students (more than 7 graduate students in case of the Graduate School of Education) requested, and have the students enroll for the courses, and then fixes the offered courses.
5. Registration
  • Once a student has registered for a course, the tuition can not be refunded when he withdraws from the course. So, be careful when you register.
  • Those students who registered for the courses that are canceled can change the courses or request refunds.
  • You can register wherever you can access the KNU Comprehensive Information System.
  • Payment of Tuition: Those students who registered for the courses have to print out the notice of payment and pay the tuition at the KNU Branch of Jeonbuk Bank. Students can take a maximum of 6 credits from the courses offered.
  • Course changes are not allowed and courses may be cancelled during the first two weeks.
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