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1. Course Load
  • The normal course load for enrolled students is a minimum of 12 credit hours and a maximum of 18 to 21 credit hours per semester, depending upon the major. Those students who earned GPA 4.2 or above for the previous semester are allowed to register up to 24 credit hours. Those students who got an academic warning (i.e. who earned GPA 1.75 or below) for the previous semester are required to register for less than 15 credit hours. Those students who are to graduate in the semester are allowed to register as little as one course.
  • When a student registers more than the allowed credit hours, the courses taken will be dropped in the order of: free elective courses, major courses, then general courses.
2. Registration Procedure
  • Students should get an registration application form at the school (department) office and follow the instructions for registration.
  • Students have to choose courses to take and fill in the registration application form.
  • Registration (Online input)
  • You can register using the Internet.
  • Input your ID, PIN (6-10 numbers or letters), and courses.
3. The Points you have to keep in mind when you register
  • Be sure to ascertain the result of registration (you can refer to the Comprehensive Information System for the courses you have enrolled in).
  • Be sure to ascertain whether your name is in the roll book.
4. Course Cancellation
  • You can cancel up to 6 credit hours with the approval of the course instructor before the completion of the first one-fourth of the class days of the semester.
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