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About 5,000 ancient relics in the University Museum storage area are waiting for you to look at them. Most of them came to light at the delicate touch of the researchers of the Museum after they had slept in the earth for more than a thousand years. There are also instruments which our remote ancestors used in their daily lives. Now it seems that we are likely to see them only in old fairy tales. When the relics, which were used valued by the people and then buried together with them, are excavated, they lie there broken to pieces. But they are restored to the original state by the researchers' enthusiastic and devoted efforts, and thus some of them become earthenware water pots and others become coffins in which dead bodies lay. All those items are exhibited in the Exhibition Hall, and most of them are valuable cultural legacy. The vivid pictures of the excavation sites will enable you to hear the sound of breathing of the evocative relics in the glassed cases. You can directly feel the true character of the relics and remains when you are in the excavation sites or in the Arranging Room next to the Exhibition Hall. An old Korean saying is that: "you can see it as much as you know about it". Come and see! We always welcome you all!
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