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The Central Library

Five-story building with an area of 7,706
  • The Central Library has about 450,000 books, 3,000 scholarly journal and 5,500 electronic journals. The library aims to offer the best scholarly information services to meet the needs of the information age through hightech facilities. The library is also playing a role as an electronic library with a wide range of digitalized academic resources.

The Yellow Dragon Library

Three-story building with an area of 5,169
  • The Yellow Library has reading rooms, an exhibition hall, and the Our University History Museum. About 150 valuable historical items including the first certificates of successful applicants for our university are exhibited in Our University History Museum. If you want to know the history of our university, please visit the Our University History Museum. Around 500 items excavated by our university are exhibited in the Exhibition Hall located on the 3rd floor together with the vivid picture reports at that time of excavation. The library is also trying to offer the local residents and students various cultural programs which use the cultural assets.
  • 558 Daehak-ro, Gunsan-si 54150, Rep. of Korea
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