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  • Students of the Department of Social Welfare study and learn various methods to meet social needs for the embodiment of welfare society. As a preparation to become a professional social worker, they also learn about social welfare policies and institutional strategies, management methods of social welfare facilities and organizations, and ways of performing professional social welfare activities to raise the level of social welfare for citizens.
  • The Department of Public Administration offers students courses which will enable them to acquire theories and practices necessary for them to serve as a manager and a talent required in this age of globalization, digitalization, and decentralization. In addition, upon completion of the courses, students are expected to have planning and research analysis ability, organization management and diagnosis analysis, personnel management ability, and finance-related job capabilities. Courses that teach theories and practices about policy processes and public administration management such as policy making and assessment, public administration planning, organization management, personnel administration, financial administration, urban and local administration, and public administration information system aim to prepare students to play a key role in the country and society.
  • With educational goals of the university in mind, the Department of Economics provides students with well-organized programs teaching economics covering economic theories and policies that can help them develop knowledge on the global economy in the era of globalization and become competent talents who put into practice what they have learned at the university. Students are expected to acquire insights into the real world economy and make a contribution to the rapidly-changing global economy and Korean economy and ultimately to the development of human societies.
  • The curriculum of the Department of International Trade seeks to teach students expertise in international trade that will help them become a specialist in international trade who can contribute to the national growth in the age of globalization, cultivate the ability of analysis, judgment, and creativity that will help them respond to diverse situations of the ever changing global economy, and prepare to become an expert with leadership skills that will lead the development of the country and mankind.
  • The School of Business Administration and Accounting deals with various theories and practices about enterprises and organizations in order to make them more competitive in the competing surroundings. The School aims to cultivate competent persons who can acquire significant knowledge and know-how about business administration and apply it to real world situations. To achieve this aim, the School offers students many courses such as introduction to business administration, production management, marketing management, financial management, personnel management, accounting principles, accounting theories, information systems. intermediate accounting, management accounting, and information system.
  • Dedicated to systematic education and research of law, the Department of Law helps students acquire in-depth knowledge on a wide range of issues of law and theoretical and practical knowledge on laws and legal systems as a basis for the government power and social order with the aim of cultivating talents of remarkable personality who will play a pivotal role in the development of the nation and society, based on justice and fairness.
  • In order to prepare students to become a global logistics professional equipped with high-level professional knowledge and global mindset who will take the lead in the logistics industry of the East Asia-Yellow Sea Rim economic block in the 21st century, the Department of Logistics offers courses that examine strategies and methods to save costs by optimizing every value adding chain from production to final consumption such as procurement of law materials, manufacturing, distribution, and management of subcontractors and thereby raise competitiveness of businesses.


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